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Tony Beal Ltd manufactures rapid folding doors and internal separation curtains for your building requirements. If you want to separate a section of your factory or warehouse, our team can design, manufacture and install a separate curtain to your requirements. Our rapid folding doors can be made to your technical specification and dimensions, to be part of a complete system.

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Industrial Separation Curtains

Our Separation Curtains provide a more cost effective and time saving solution for temperature, dust, overspray, smoke and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. These partitions make excellent temporary walls, which due to their unique design are easy to slide open and close.

These curtains are manufactured using various materials, such as; Standard PVC (Various weights), Translucent and Flame retardant materials.

Internal Separation Dividers

Internal Separation nets are an effective solution to separating and dividing areas in the likes of school gym halls and indoor playing surfaces. These nets can also be used in the work place to create designated areas without the need for permanent fixtures.

Our Separation Nets can be manufactured from various materials according to customer requirements. Nylon or Polypropylene fabrics are the most popular, and can have a weighted PVC or Cotton bordered bottom hem.

Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are manufactured using a durable & weather resistant 900grm PVC, with clear window options available.

These doors are suitable for indoor & outdoor use and guarantee an uninterrupted flow of traffic and reduce heat loss to a minimum as well as keeping out dirt and preventing unwanted drafts.