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Our range of netting is wide and varied, be it for leisure, sport, transport, protection or safety. We can manufacture any size and can customise and brand the product to your exact requirements. Our team have an extensive range of types of netting available in many mesh sizes to suit specific needs.

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Cargo Restraining Nets

Cargo restraining nets are traditionally supplied for open top containers & baskets. They can be supplied in a range of type of nets, from a pvc coated closed or 20mm mesh to our traditional Nynot® net with specialist coating.

Our design team can create a net system to meet your requirements or if you have a specific product that you would like us to supply, our production team can meet your needs.

Container Nets

These nets are used to protect goods inside containers & baskets. Door nets are traditionally made from our pvc coated closed or 20mm mesh, waterproof coated PVC mesh netting and for baskets and open top containers we use our unique 50mm nynot™ netting complete with specialist coating. They can be supplied with a range of fixings to suit the container and our design team are able to produce a product to meet your exact requirements. Branding is available if required.

Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Commonly used on offshore & onshore sites, our safety net range ensures that the safety of employees is foremost. Traditionally they are made from 50mm knotless Nynot™ netting, these products are made to order and your specific dimensional requirements.

Flipover Nets

Typical nets are Boughton, Hyva, Edbro, Multilift and Roll on & Roll off, these are manufactured with either standard PVC Dipped mesh netting or Heavy Duty dipped mesh netting.  All nets are manufactured to suit each vehicle whether they require Kadar beading, pockets or double eyes for fitting to rollers and arms.

Many nets can be modified to suit each customer’s requirements including adding extra reinforcing, colour or netting types.

Football Perimeter Nets

Our Football Perimeter Nets are mainly used on 5 and 7-a-side football pitches to prevent the football leaving the field and containing the ball within its pitch. These nets are usually made to any size required by the customer.

The Netting is manufactured from 100% Nylon yarn, UV stabilised to protect it from the sunlight and has 100mm mesh size with a knotless finish.

Gangway & Side Protection Nets

These nets are a made to order suit your specific dimensions and technical requirements. They are used in most cases as a safety feature on ships or oil rigs and can be made from 25mm or 50mm knotless Nynot™ netting.

Goal Netting

Tony Beal Ltd have designed a specific net that was strong enough to withstand the constant use without breaking or altering shape.

The net is manufactured from 100% Nylon yarn, UV stabilised to protect it from the sunlight and has a 50mm mesh size with a knotless finish. Made to customer’s specific sizes.

Gullwing Nets

Gullwing trailers or single arm trailers can be fitted with either fine mesh netting or open mesh netting depending on the customer’s requirements.  These nets can be fitted with large eyes on sides for fitting to body with d staples & smaller eyelets to attach to frame work or wires.

All mesh nets fitted with double thickness 610grm PVC, round border for extra strength.

All types of these nets are manufactured from drawings or template nets supplied by our customers.

Hooped Ladder Safety Nets

These nets were designed by our technical team to solve a problem on hooped ladder systems, especially in the gap between the hoops and from ground level to the first hoop. These nets are custom made to suit the specific requirements and can be fitted by our installation team if required. These are made from 50mm knotless mesh Nynot™ netting.

Internal Nets

Tony Beal Limited has long been a supplier of internal nets, these nets are fitted to the internal track on the roof of the trailer to provide additional protection and security to any loads that are being carried.

Nets can be manufactured to suit any size whether the customer requires a standard 4 net system or more.

Our nets provide protruding protection to pallets rather than single straps on each pallet.  This will also prevent damage to the curtains on the trailer.

Internal Separation Nets

Internal Separation nets are an effective solution to separating and dividing areas in the likes of school gym halls and indoor playing surfaces. These nets can also be used in the work place to create designated areas without the need for permanent fixtures.

Our Separation Nets can be manufactured from various materials according to customer requirements. Nylon or Polypropylene fabrics are the most popular, and can have a weighted PVC or Cotton bordered bottom hem.

Safety Nets

All safety nets are made using our very own Nynot™ netting, which is a knotless braided nylon available in 25mm or 50mm wide mesh. Nets are heat set for strength and UV resistant for long life expectancy. All Safety Nets come complete with 10mm thick nylon border rope for extra strength and rope loops to secure.

Safety Nets Specifications

Silage Nets

Silage cover nets help eliminate bird attacks on plastic cover silage haulage and pits. Nets help to keep bales sealed to optimise nutrients within the bale. Our Silage nets can be custom made to your specific requirements and come complete with rope edge for easy fitting and tie down.

Skip Nets

Skip nets are used to contain loads within a skip, Our Skip nets are manufactured using high visibility and high tenacity polyethylene fibres woven into a 50mm mesh netting and have a border rope sewn into hem for strengthening purposes and for ease of use. The nets also have ropes spliced into net for helping the net contain the load.

Common sizes available
15ft x 8ft
18ft x 9ft
24ft x 12ft
28ft x 15ft

ULD Container Covers/Nets

We have a range of manufacturing methods and materials that can provide a bespoke solution for efficient air transport container and pallet design. PVC and canvas materials are used in ULD door solutions for the design of new containers or the upgrade of existing containers. For air transportation pallet design, strap nets can be made to any size or load specification.

Vehicle Nets

Netting is an ideal way to store or further secure items in vehicles.

Tony Beal Ltd offer a wide range of nets which are suitable for use in the likes of; cars, vans, trailers and even mobile homes. These nets help secure items while in transit which in turn can provide an element of legal protection when used correctly and can help meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Act 1991

Walk On/Access Nets

Commonly used on offshore & onshore sites, this net ensures that the safety of employees is foremost. They have been devised to eliminate the need for time consuming rope access or bulky scaffolding, although they are only to be used as a secondary system to harnesses. These are made from 25mm knotless Nynot™ netting.

Waste Disposal Site Nets

These nets are designed to suit landfill sites and are manufactured from high visibility netting with a 50mm mesh size, woven from high tenacity polyethylene fibres. They are manufactured to any sizes to suit being fitted onto fencing, border rope is sewn into hem for strengthening purposes.

Windbreak Nets

Tony Beal Limited Windbreak nets are custom designed and manufactured to fit your specific area. Our Windbreaker Nets are lightweight, flexible and resistant to bad weather and are also UV stable, our fixing system ensures that the net is fastened securely and will not come loose and flap about in the wind. Net is 300g/m2 and can be welded.