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In today’s world of efficient manufacturing, there is a need to protect goods in transit, especially when the items are part of a ”Just in Time” production Line. We manufacture specific stillage insert covers to protect goods in transit. We also can manufacture foam protected covers to ensure that sensitive or high value items are protected when in necessary transit.

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Boat Transportation Covers

Tony Beal transportation covers provide the ultimate in protection for your boat during transportation. Covers are custom designed to fit securely and completely around your boat using heavy duty textile fabrics, with heavy duty stitching and zips to ensure cover doesn’t split or cut during transportation.

Furniture Covers

UV rays can very quickly degrade soft fabrics and leathers on boats. Tony Beal upholstery covers are designed specifically to protect your upholstery from fading and damage either in use or in storage. All of our furniture covers are made-to-measure and fitted on site by our team of installation engineers. A choice of fabrics and colours is available in various grades of material dependant on application.

Packaging insert Covers

As well as full Stillage Covers, we also manufacture flexible inserts for Stillage frames. Packaging Insert Covers are placed inside stillage’s and protect automotive parts from becoming damaged while in transit.

This is primarily for the automotive sector, however can be used in a number of applications.

Pallet Covers

Tony Beal Ltd have the ability to manufacture pallet covers in a variety of materials and colours suitable for protecting goods in transit with the option of thermal protection covers also being available.

Rollcage Covers

Tony Beal Ltd produce high quality protective covers to ensure your products arrive in the same condition as when they left the factory gate.

We can design and manufacture roll cage covers in any size, in a range of materials and colours.

Covers can be simply dropped over or have a velcro or zipped roller door for easy access.

We also supply Insulated Covers for more temperature sensitive storage.

Skid Frame Covers

Our skid frame covers are produced to your specific size, specification, colour and branding requirements. Typically made from high quality double sided 650gm PVC coated fabric, these are designed to be easily fixed around the frame unit and to have access ports, panels or lifting points if required. Our design team can create a cover to meet your requirements or if you have a specific product that you would like us to supply, our production team can meet your needs.

Stillage Covers

Tony Beal Ltd can produce Pallet and Stillage Covers to suit most requirements, and with our years of technical experience, all of our covers are manufactured to exacting specifications.

Stillage Covers provide protecting for goods, whether they be in storage or transit; against rain, wind and frost.

Stillage Covers are manufactured as single use or re-usable. Re-usable covers provide a more cost effective solution reducing the use of shrink wrap; cardboard etc. This can save time, energy and ultimately reduces the impact on the environment.