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Tony Beal Ltd have the ability to manufacture and produce a variety of Thermal products, with our product range being suitable in a number of sectors such as; Oil & Gas, Building and the Leisure Industry.

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Concrete Curing Covers

Curing covers are made from a breathable fabric and are suitable for protecting any concrete work from adverse weather conditions, such as rain, sunlight and wind, enabling carbonation to take place and prevent failure of the concrete pour.

This product is normally supplied in roll form, allowing ease of application when it comes to covering the concrete structure or foundations. Available in single skin or insulated, Tony Beal Concrete Curing Covers reduce the risk of concrete curing issues and potentially saving significant cost and time on raw materials and heating usage.

Frost Protection Crop Blankets

Super lightweight fabric specially designed to protect seed crops from insect pests. Heavier fabric provides 4.6 degrees of frost protection to frost sensitive perennials and vegetables.

Refrigerated trailer foam doors

Internal fridge doors are manufactured using 350grm double thickness PVC and are designed and manufactured to our exacting manufacturing quality standard to ensure temperature controlled loads is maintained during loading and unloading.