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We manufacture a range of products that are used as accessories in the vehicle market. Just some of the examples are as below. If however you have a specific requirement, then please let us know and we’ll try to help.

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In stock we hold a wide range of all trailer accessories ranging from Pelmets, Poles, Tensioners, Runners, Buckles, Internal Straps, Internal Nets and Internal Henderson Tracking.

Door/Pull Straps

Tony Beal Ltd manufacture leather and webbing Door/Pull Straps.

Our Door Straps are used to allow the user to set a specific and fully adjustable door opening angle (over 90 degrees) while pull straps offer an alternative solution to standard door handles, preventing unnecessary damage to these handles and a quicker door closing method for use on the likes of military vehicles and rally cars.

MOT Plate/Tail Lift Flaps

Tail Lift Flaps are used on the tailgate for safety when the lorry is parked with the tail lift down. This product makes it easier for pedestrians and oncoming traffic to see, offering a visual warning.

Our MOT Plates are manufactured using 900grm PVC, offering a durable and weather resistant document holder. These can be permanently attached to the vehicle trailer and are useful at vehicle check points or standard police stop checks.

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers are primarily fitted to vehicles to prohibit their use i.e. Coaches, Buses and vehicle fleets.

These covers are manufactured using a lightweight Nylon with colour and text options available.

Wheel Covers

Tony Beal Ltd manufacture Spare Wheel Covers using PVC in a wide range of colours. Our Wheel cover are fully customisable according to your individual requirements.

Wheel covers are durable, waterproof and come complete with elasticated hem for ease of fitting and removal.