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Tony Beal Limited has a long established reputation for providing cost effective solutions for protecting crops, livestock and machinery in the agriculture industry. We provide high quality products to farmers and supply companies in agriculture throughout the UK. Please see below for our full list of products.

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Agricultural Roll Over Covers

Tony Beal Limited has been involved in manufacturing PVC Rollover Covers since the concept was first introduced. We can produce them to suit anything from a tractor trailer, tipping trailers & walking floor trailers.

All covers are suitable for manual, semi-automatic or automatic systems.

All types of covers can be supplied & fitted in our premises by our team of in house coachbuilders.

Agricultural Trailer Covers

Tony Beal Trailer Covers are 100% waterproof and are custom made to fit your specific trailer dimensions using various gauge of PVC dependant on the application. 610gsm PVC is an excellent material for covering your trailer. Bring your trailer to us and one of our design engineers will measure and design your trailer cover.

ATV Covers

Tony Beal Ltd's ATV covers are made specifically to fit your ATV. They are manufactured from a rugged waterproof PVC which is also UV resistant. ATV covers can be supplied in plain base colours sand camouflage material. Our ATV cover will help ensure your ATV is maintained in good condition and looking like new.

Feed Bags

Whether you require one or one hundred feed bags Tony Beal can meet your needs. Our feed bags are manufactured in different sizes from 20” to 40” to keep your horse busy at the show or in the box, stable or trailer. Our Feed bags are made from hard wearing durable poly hay cord and can be made in different colours to help identify your specific bags.

Frost Protection Crop Blankets

Super lightweight fabric specially designed to protect seed crops from insect pests. Heavier fabric provides 4.6 degrees of frost protection to frost sensitive perennials and vegetables.

Green House Covers

Tony Beal can custom make a greenhouse cover using lightweight cost effective materials. Our materials can be welded and formed to ensure a snug fit is obtained for your greenhouse.

Harvester Covers

Tony Beal Limited Harvester Covers are manufactured from heavy duty PVC with welded seams and reinforced with heavy duty zips to ensure a long lasting and durable cover that can withstand all that our British weather can throw at it.

Our Harvester Covers are all custom made to ensure that the cover meets your exacting requirements.

Hopper Covers

Our Hopper Covers prevent costly spillage or loss due to inclement weather when transporting grain fertilizer etc. Tony Beal Hopper Cover are custom made to your specification using heavy duty PVC.

An elastic cord is hemmed in to ensure a neat and tight fit around your hopper.

Pickup Covers

Pickup covers are manufactured to fit your specific vehicle and are made from heavy duty PVC with secure tie down points. They are manufactured in various colours and can be screen printed or digitized with your company name or band.

Polytunnel Covers

We have a number of Polytunnel polythene films available, helping you to achieve the most suitable environment for your needs. Nearly all our Polytunnel films have a five year guarantee against defects in the film. Cut to fit your Polytunnel with no waste and no cutting charge. Nets can be manufactured to suit any size whether the customer requires a standard 4 net system or more.

Poultry Window Covers

Tony Beal Limited Poultry Window covers are manufactured of a lightweight nylon and can be fitted with a black out flap to control daylight entering the poultry pen.

Silage Nets

Silage cover nets help eliminate bird attacks on plastic cover silage haulage and pits. Nets help to keep bales sealed to optimise nutrients within the bale. Our Silage nets can be custom made to your specific requirements and come complete with rope edge for easy fitting and tie down.

Slurry Tank Covers / Storage Tank Cover

Slurry / Storage Tank covers can be manufactured in several colours from Heavy Duty 601gsm PVC Tarp or 900gsm Industrial PVC depending on the application our Engineers can assist in the selection of material most suitable for the application. PVC Covers can be welded and eyelets can be inserted. The cover can be supplied with either bungee loops or bungee cord laced around the tarp perimeter.

Windbreak Nets

Tony Beal Limited Windbreak nets are custom designed and manufactured to fit your specific area. Our Windbreaker Nets are lightweight, flexible and resistant to bad weather and are also UV stable, our fixing system ensures that the net is fastened securely and will not come loose and flap about in the wind. Net is 300g/m2 and can be welded.