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Tony Beal Ltd has almost 40 years’ experience within the automotive industry which has allowed us to become the leading company for covers suitable for applications in the automotive industry. We take pride on our quality and customer service within this sector Our flexible and adaptable approach, gives us the ability to design and manufacture in-house both single order covers through to large volume scheduled time critical batches.

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Door/Pull Straps

Tony Beal Ltd manufacture leather and webbing Door/Pull Straps.

Our Door Straps are used to allow the user to set a specific and fully adjustable door opening angle (over 90 degrees) while pull straps offer an alternative solution to standard door handles, preventing unnecessary damage to these handles and a quicker door closing method for use on the likes of military vehicles and rally cars.

Forklift Covers

Due to the problems encountered using a fork lift outside, particularly when the elements are at their worst, we manufacture a fully fitted cover to protect the driver of a fork lift whilst still giving him 100% visibility.
These covers are manufactured and attached to the framework of the FLT cab and come complete with flexible windows and the facility for removable sections if necessary.

MOT Plate/Tail Lift Flaps

Tail Lift Flaps are used on the tailgate for safety when the lorry is parked with the tail lift down. This product makes it easier for pedestrians and oncoming traffic to see, offering a visual warning.

Our MOT Plates are manufactured using 900grm PVC, offering a durable and weather resistant document holder. These can be permanently attached to the vehicle trailer and are useful at vehicle check points or standard police stop checks.

Packaging insert Covers

As well as full Stillage Covers, we also manufacture flexible inserts for Stillage frames. Packaging Insert Covers are placed inside stillage’s and protect automotive parts from becoming damaged while in transit.

This is primarily for the automotive sector, however can be used in a number of applications.

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers are primarily fitted to vehicles to prohibit their use i.e. Coaches, Buses and vehicle fleets.

These covers are manufactured using a lightweight Nylon with colour and text options available.

Stillage Covers

Tony Beal Ltd can produce Pallet and Stillage Covers to suit most requirements, and with our years of technical experience, all of our covers are manufactured to exacting specifications.

Stillage Covers provide protecting for goods, whether they be in storage or transit; against rain, wind and frost.

Stillage Covers are manufactured as single use or re-usable. Re-usable covers provide a more cost effective solution reducing the use of shrink wrap; cardboard etc. This can save time, energy and ultimately reduces the impact on the environment.

Tension Curtains

Tony Beal Ltd has been designing and manufacturing tension curtains since 1979 and has a long pedigree in manufacturing these products to meet the exacting demands of the automotive sector. Tension Curtains can be manufactured new, complete with your branding or we can refurbish your existing fleet’s curtains. In order to withstand the daily stresses of road haulage, tension curtains need to be constructed and manufactured to a high quality. This is why we only use the best materials, from European supply of Panama PVC to High Tenacity Polyester webbing for bottom strap requirements.

Trailer Covers

Here at Tony Beal Ltd we can manufacture a trailer cover to fit any size or shape of trailer.

All of our trailer covers are made to measure and produced to the highest quality and the customer’s exact requirements.

We can manufacture your cover from various materials depending on the application. Common material options are PVC and Cotton, which are offered in a wide range of colours with eyelets and bungee options available.

Vehicle Covers

Our Vehicle Covers are great for protecting your vehicle against the elements and can be for indoor and outdoor use as well as preventing unwanted damages like scratches.

The covers are made from a lightweight material for ease of fitting and with an elasticated front and rear hem allow for a tighter fit around the base of your vehicle.

Vehicle Nets

Netting is an ideal way to store or further secure items in vehicles.

Tony Beal Ltd offer a wide range of nets which are suitable for use in the likes of; cars, vans, trailers and even mobile homes. These nets help secure items while in transit which in turn can provide an element of legal protection when used correctly and can help meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Act 1991

Wheel Covers

Tony Beal Ltd manufacture Spare Wheel Covers using PVC in a wide range of colours. Our Wheel cover are fully customisable according to your individual requirements.

Wheel covers are durable, waterproof and come complete with elasticated hem for ease of fitting and removal.