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Tony Beal Ltd have been designing and manufacturing products for the Building Industry for over 35 years. These products are designed to a variety of specifications and are customisable according to our customers’ requirements. This allows us to offer complete bespoke covers for various uses such as; Speed Doors, Canopies and Temporary Building Covers. Our in-house design team can also fully brand your covers with company and/or customers logos and artwork. Please see below for our full list of products.

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Tony Beal Ltd can manufacture a wide range of advertisement banners at a variety of sizes.

So whether you need a small pop up banner or a large banner to cover the side of the Building, Tony Beal Ltd has it covered.


Tony Beal Ltd design, manufacture and install a wide range of canopies for a variety of uses. Our canopies are used as; Outdoor seating areas, Market stalls and free standing walkways.

We have a variety of colour choices and materials to choose from and we can design a bespoke canopy with branding & advertising options available from our in-house design team.

Concrete Curing Covers

Curing covers are made from a breathable fabric and are suitable for protecting any concrete work from adverse weather conditions, such as rain, sunlight and wind, enabling carbonation to take place and prevent failure of the concrete pour.

This product is normally supplied in roll form, allowing ease of application when it comes to covering the concrete structure or foundations. Available in single skin or insulated, Tony Beal Concrete Curing Covers reduce the risk of concrete curing issues and potentially saving significant cost and time on raw materials and heating usage.

Furniture Covers

UV rays can very quickly degrade soft fabrics and leathers on boats. Tony Beal upholstery covers are designed specifically to protect your upholstery from fading and damage either in use or in storage. All of our furniture covers are made-to-measure and fitted on site by our team of installation engineers. A choice of fabrics and colours is available in various grades of material dependant on application.

Industrial Separation Curtains

Our Separation Curtains provide a more cost effective and time saving solution for temperature, dust, overspray, smoke and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. These partitions make excellent temporary walls, which due to their unique design are easy to slide open and close.

These curtains are manufactured using various materials, such as; Standard PVC (Various weights), Translucent and Flame retardant materials.

Internal Separation Dividers

Internal Separation nets are an effective solution to separating and dividing areas in the likes of school gym halls and indoor playing surfaces. These nets can also be used in the work place to create designated areas without the need for permanent fixtures.

Our Separation Nets can be manufactured from various materials according to customer requirements. Nylon or Polypropylene fabrics are the most popular, and can have a weighted PVC or Cotton bordered bottom hem.

Modular Building Covers

Tony Beal Ltd have been manufacturing modular building sheets for over 25 years and is the No1 supplier of Modular Building covers in a variety of specifications and design requirements to fully protect any modular unit from the elements when they are being transported for the building industry.

With the Demand for modular buildings increasing, there is far greater focus on units being finished in the factory and delivered almost complete. This benefit also creates the problem of how to protect the units in transit and whilst in outside storage.

The Modular Covers are manufactured using a breathable & waterproof fabric and can be produced in a variety of colours, with advertisement/branding options available.

Modular Cover Brochure

Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are manufactured using a durable & weather resistant 900grm PVC, with clear window options available.

These doors are suitable for indoor & outdoor use and guarantee an uninterrupted flow of traffic and reduce heat loss to a minimum as well as keeping out dirt and preventing unwanted drafts.

Temporary Building Covers

Tony Beal Ltd provides temporary covers to the building industry to protect any ongoing building projects from the elements and external weather conditions. These provide a quick and easy solution to stop any unwanted damage.

Temporary Building Covers are manufactured using durable and weather resistant fabrics and can be produced to any size that the customer can handle as well as a wide range of colours being available.