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Tony Beal Limited has a long and established reputation within the transport industry, providing high quality products to transport companies throughout the UK. We specialise in Tension Curtains, Easy Sheets, Specialised Vehicle Tarpaulins, Tilt Covers and Specialised Bespoke Covers. Our Curtains, Easy sheets and specialised vehicle covers are manufactured from high quality lacquered PVC Coated weave fabric, giving them unbeatable strength and ability to endure the stresses and harsh conditions of the road. Please see below for our full list of products.

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In stock we hold a wide range of all trailer accessories ranging from Pelmets, Poles, Tensioners, Runners, Buckles, Internal Straps, Internal Nets and Internal Henderson Tracking.

Chain /Loadbinders

We stock large quantities of various types of chain for a variety of uses ranging from mild steel chain for loadbinding to grade 80 lifting chain.

All chains are made to each customer own requirement whether it be lifting or lashing.

Test Certification is supplied for all lifting chains and individually marked for traceability.

Coil Carriers

Tony Beal Limited are specialists in manufacturing coil carriers for the steel and transport industry, having supplied a wide range of customers for a significant number of years.

Tony Beal Limited supplied its first set of coil carrier to British Steel Ltd in 1984. Coil carriers are manufactured from 900grm Panama PVC and our design has a number of key benefits.

  1. Drip sheet:  An inner liner cover to protect the transported goods from condensation
  2. Safety:  Specially moulded reflective components fitted to the cover
  3. Protective hem: Where required, a protective rope or bead can be fixed to the bottom hem in order to reduce abrasion risk.
  4. Flickers:  Ensuring the cover folds evenly when in use.
  5. Rubbing strips:  Protecting the cover from wear and abrasion damage, double thickness reinforcing strips can be fitted.
  6. Artwork:  We have the ability to design and print artwork for your requirements.

Our fitting teams provide an onsite fitting service ensuring our covers are efficiently fitted to save time and expense.

Container Top Covers

Container Covers are all manufactured to a high specification using 610grm PVC or 900grm PVC, depending on application and requirements of the customer.   All covers are made to suit the containers fittings whether it is eyes to suit d staples, TIR wire for securing, rope ties & shockcord to suit existing rope hooks.

All covers can be made to suit 20ft, 40ft, open top or half height containers.

Flipover Nets

Typical nets are Boughton, Hyva, Edbro, Multilift and Roll on & Roll off, these are manufactured with either standard PVC Dipped mesh netting or Heavy Duty dipped mesh netting.  All nets are manufactured to suit each vehicle whether they require Kadar beading, pockets or double eyes for fitting to rollers and arms.

Many nets can be modified to suit each customer’s requirements including adding extra reinforcing, colour or netting types.

Fork Lift Fork Covers

Tony Beal Limited are manufacturers of custom made fork lift fork protector covers to ensure any fragile products are not damaged when being lifted by forks.  Our Forklift fork covers are extensively used when lifting fragile loads for example glass and glass bottles etc.

These are produced using hard wearing non-abrasive webbing.

Gullwing Nets

Gullwing trailers or single arm trailers can be fitted with either fine mesh netting or open mesh netting depending on the customer’s requirements.  These nets can be fitted with large eyes on sides for fitting to body with d staples & smaller eyelets to attach to frame work or wires.

All mesh nets fitted with double thickness 610grm PVC, round border for extra strength.

All types of these nets are manufactured from drawings or template nets supplied by our customers.

Internal Nets

Tony Beal Limited has long been a supplier of internal nets, these nets are fitted to the internal track on the roof of the trailer to provide additional protection and security to any loads that are being carried.

Nets can be manufactured to suit any size whether the customer requires a standard 4 net system or more.

Our nets provide protruding protection to pallets rather than single straps on each pallet.  This will also prevent damage to the curtains on the trailer.

Lashing Straps

In addition to the range of lifting systems we manufacture, we also manufacture a full range of securing systems.  We have the ability to manufacture Internal Straps, lashing straps, lightweight 25mm cambuckle systems to 10 tonne systems for securing heavy plant and equipment.

Our lashing products can be manufactured with a variety of end fittings.  All our systems are manufactured in the UK in our own premises to BS EN12195-2 Standard.

All lashings are individually numbered for traceability and safety.

One Trip Cover

Tony Beal Limited can supply one trip covers for customers that have a requirement for loads to be covered but are unlikely to be returned.  These would be manufactured from 12 x 12 Polyethylene or a lighter grade 350grm PVC.

The covers can be manufactured as a flat or fitted cover to suit customer’s requirements and are a cost efficient solution for single use.

Recovery Straps / Tow Straps

Tony Beal Limited has had a long standing partnership with Car Auction Companies & Recovery vehicle specialist to supply recovery straps. These are manufactured in our premises to suit each customer’s requirements.

Straps are supplied using high tenacity polyester webbing in various colours, supplied either 4 tonne or 5tonne capacity using claw hook or open rave hooks.  Wheel straps can be supplied using oval links either ends or 0.5m fibre sling wear sleeve to stop damage to customers wheels.

Refrigerated trailer foam doors

Internal fridge doors are manufactured using 350grm double thickness PVC and are designed and manufactured to our exacting manufacturing quality standard to ensure temperature controlled loads is maintained during loading and unloading.

Roll Over Covers

Tony Beal Limited has been involved in manufacturing 900grm PVC Rollover Covers since the concept was first introduced.  We can produce them to suit anything from a tractor trailer, tipping trailers & walking floor trailers.

All covers are suitable for either manual, semi-automatic or automatic systems.

All types of covers can be supplied & fitted in our premises by our team of in house coachbuilders.


Tony Beal Limited is one of the largest stockists of rope in Scotland and can supply various markets with a prompt efficient service.

Some of the types of rope available are Polypropylene, Manilla, Sisal, Nylon, and Polyester.  Also we can supply Climbing rope and leaded rope which is mainly used in the fishing industry and specialist applications.

Sliding Roof Covers

Our sliding roof covers are manufactured to suit front to back style sheets or cabriolet type.  Sliding roof covers are manufactured from 20oz PVC this allows the cover to concertino during loading and unloading.

Covers are supplied with reinforcing on sides and rope in hem to allow the cover to stay rigid on the sides.

Front to back tipper covers are supplied with welded pockets & rear flaps

Cabriolet Covers are supplied with polyester webbing complete with polyester loops to allow cover to be fitted on underside with either straps or cable ties.  These covers are reinforced on sides where the flickers are fitted.


Tony Beal Limited are one of the UK’S premier manufacturers of lifting slings, in either chain, webbing, roundslings, wire and rope.

We can manufacture virtually any size of lifting sling required, we have a long history of supplying these products to the construction, transport, engineering, defence and air motive sectors. We also supply specialist products such as black slings, especially for stage equipment.


Since 1979 Tony Beal Limited have been providing customers with all types of Tarpaulins, whether it be a standard flat sheet or a bespoke cover. We have vast experience in manufacturing the full range of requirements from bulk orders to single covers for domestic use.

Our Tarpaulins are constructed from a wide range of materials and used for many purposes.  We have extensive experience of manufacturing to our customer’s specifications and their own individual requirements.

Some examples of Tony Beal Limited Tarpaulins 

  • PVC Tarpaulins
  • Regentex
  • Cotton
  • Flame Retardant
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Frost Protection

All our Tarpaulins are manufactured to the highest specifications that have been developed for over 30 years.  We believe the quality of our materials, skilled staff and attention to detail is what stands us apart from other products available in the marketplace.

Tension Curtains

Tony Beal Limited has been designing and manufacturing tension curtains for over 30 years for both new and renovated vehicles.

We are able to offer the complete package including Measuring, Manufacturing, Vehicle Modification, Servicing/Repairing, Design and fitting of all types of curtains.

Our Product range includes open pocketed, anti-vandal, insulated, excel, woodchip, poultry and digital print.