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Tony Beal Ltd has been manufacturing products for the waste industry for over 25 years. These products are designed to a variety of specifications and are customisable according to our customers’ requirements.

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Packer Covers

Manufactured from 19oz 610grm PVC, average size is 6ft x 5ft.
These can also be manufactured using other materials such as 25mm nylon and Regentex.

All fitted with 10mm shockcord for easy fitting to back doors.

Skip Covers

Manufactured in PVC to suit any size skip, Pvc skip covers are ideal for containing fine particals within skip.

These can also be fitted pvc tube to attach to a chute. Fitted with eyelets and Shockcord.

Skip Nets

Skip nets are used to contain loads within a skip, Our Skip nets are manufactured using high visibility and high tenacity polyethylene fibres woven into a 50mm mesh netting and have a border rope sewn into hem for strengthening purposes and for ease of use. The nets also have ropes spliced into net for helping the net contain the load.

Common sizes available
15ft x 8ft
18ft x 9ft
24ft x 12ft
28ft x 15ft

Waste Disposal Site Nets

These nets are designed to suit landfill sites and are manufactured from high visibility netting with a 50mm mesh size, woven from high tenacity polyethylene fibres. They are manufactured to any sizes to suit being fitted onto fencing, border rope is sewn into hem for strengthening purposes.